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A way to heal, get in touch with yourself,
express yourself and relax, in full awareness


What's Reiki?

Reiki is not magic, a scientific discovery, a religion, a philosophical or political ideology, and is no substitute for official medicine.
It is "just" an extraordinary means which each single person can receive and learn how to use. It is a way to establish a direct link between a human being and the primal energy of creation.
The word Reiki consists of two syllables. Rei refers to the unlimited and universal aspect of this energy, while Ki refers to each single, individual part of Rei, that is to say the living force which has taken a specific shape and permeates every single thing that exists. Reiki is Universal Energy.


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The Reiki Method

What's Reiki? The Mikao Usui method to achieve energy balance

Mikao Usui discovered this extraordinary technique by elaborating his extraordinary knowledge in a number of different fields (medicine, healing arts, philosophy, psychology, martial arts, public relations skills) and methodically structured it into a number of knowledge and experience levels.

Mikao Usui has often, and mistakenly, been described as a Christian monk. Facts show that he was a businessman who was deeply unsatisfied of the way his life was going, and decided one day to dedicate his life do spiritual research. He then became a wandering Unsui monk of the Mikkyo order, one of the many branches of Buddhism, and he received through the years the spiritual teachings of several masters.



The Reiki Method of Natural Healing

The Reiki method allows, through initiations or harmonisations, to become an active channel of balanced energy, restoring the energy connection between man and cosmos which centuries upon centuries of social and cultural conditioning have sent into oblivion; man has, in a manner of speaking, “forgotten” his spiritual essence.
Reiki is a method which any person can use to be aware and in touch, in a fast and easy way, with their energy.

What's Reiki? The Mikao Usui method to achieve energy balance

Reiki, by harmonising body, mind and spirit through the conscious assimilation of balanced cosmic energy, facilitates centring our being in full awareness and evolving individually through our heart.

Every single person participates of Universal Life Energy: it’s our gift from Nature. Through Reiki harmonisation, the gates to this source are thrown open and we have a better chance to walk in full awareness the path of the heart, which is the path of transformation towards balance and harmony.

Reiki also is the possibility of activating Universal Life Energy, to direct it and use it to recover our energy balance wherever we’re lacking it, and to facilitate healing (in the holistic sense) where we need it, both for ourselves or for others.

Reiki is for everybody! Anyone can become a Reiki active channel; there are no contraindications of any kind, nor limitation due to ethnic background, age or sex. Though it’s especially useful for senior citizens, people with medical conditions or the disabled, it is useful nevertheless for anyone who want to lead their lives an Earth walking on the path of light, balance and harmony.


The Reiki Levels

Usui’s Reiki method is divided in different levels, or degrees, of learning based on their potency and effectiveness. Each level has specific technical, and most of all creative, specifications.

Reiki Levels

How to approach the Reiki Method in the best possible way










The Mikao Usui method to achieve energy balance - A way to heal, get in touch with yourself, express yourself and relax, in full awareness. Centro Olistico Tolteca - Reiki Info: to contact the Reiki Teacher Dario Canil, please in italian!


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