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Reiki and working on yourself - taking responsability over your life.

«Things are as they are,
They are nothing like they should.
Yet all is perfect. For such paradox
I am what I am, But I can choose how to act.»




The awareness of our inner "dragons" and "demons" also allows those who accept their growth the ability to face one of the mightiest challenges of all: working to bring light into shadow and darkness. In accomplishing this work, which is not only a fight against our own phantoms but also a way to reveal those marvels we kept hidden, the light of Reiki shines on the path, giving us purpose and direction, helping us see love, truth, freedom.

Reiki and working on yourself - taking responsability over your life.

Reiki works constantly and incessantly on the heart plane in order to make us fully aware of the need to accept ourselves, our global Self. The conflict between the demands of our Ego and our true Self (which has a powerful ally in Reiki) requires patience and courage: we change, but we try to oppose that change.

Our spirit breathes a new, fresher air – but it must be careful and not let anyone clasp a hand on its mouth. Sometimes our mind is confused, doubtful, believing, discouraged, hopeful; and our poor body can’t help but somatize After the Reiki harmonization, depending on the energy block and conflicts each person carries within, some transient phenomena, commonly called “purging”, may occur, which may last some hour or resurface time and time again in the following days: brief dizziness, headache, stomach ache, a little temperature.

Self-treatment and detoxifying baths in hot water and salt can quicken this passage – due to Reiki – to a higher energy vibration and a more stable and authentic balance. Of course, when such things happen, an attitude of open-mindedness and acceptance of change are recommended to the Reiki learner, as is the discreet, respectful an clarifying presence of the Reiki master, should it be needed.



Reiki is an extraordinary support for working on ourselves, but is not self-working in itself. The simple laying of hands is but a minor aspect of Reiki, and it is not enough. Bringing the Spirit of Reiki in our life, in every breath, is much more... a great opportunity!

  • Put yourself at stake
  • Be aware
  • Take care of your nutrition
  • Keep acceptable working rhythms
  • Take good care of your sleep
  • Observe how you think
  • Observe how you act
  • Take your own space and time
  • Move your body through physical exercise
  • Meditate
  • Practice self-observation (a simple act of recording facts with no interpretation nor judgement) *
  • Entrust a qualified and able person (a professional therapist, for instance) to clear those aspects of your life that you’re not as capable to face on your own...

... all of this means working on yourself..


Reiki and working on yourself - taking responsability over your life.


* SELF OBSERVATION - Time and time again we may stop for a moment, listen to ourselves and ask ourselves: "How do I feel right now? How am I, really?" Self-observation is a simple recording of facts and has nothing to do with their mental interpretation, or with passing judgement.


Reiki is a wonderful path with a heart of its own, but it’s just a starting point, it’s just a path... which must be nourished, like everything else, with Love, Intelligence and Energy.


«For me there is only the travelling on paths that have heart, on any path that may have heart. There I travel, and the only worth-while challenge is to traverse its full length. And there I travel looking, looking, breathlessly.»

Nagual don Juan Matus




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