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At the Free Reiki ® School, during a one-day seminar, the base positions and different possibilities of treating yourselves and others (people, animals and objects) are thought without rigid schemes or dogmas, but according to your intuitive feeling and your creative flow. A theoretical reference frame is then explained in order to make you "rationally understand" – as far as this is possible – what is happening on the energy level.The 4 traditional harmonisations (or attunements) are then made, which allow every being to become an active Reiki channel and to transmit balanced Energy through their hands.

Kanji Shoden, First Reiki Level according to the Mikao Usui Method of Natural Healing. First degree.

Even though we westerners might find odd to learn something through initiation, there is no reason to be afraid. Harmonisations are simple ceremonies shared with the Reiki Master who, by means of cosmic symbols, visualization practices and applying his intention, "activates" the Reiki channels. These are no mysterious procedures or occult magic rituals: magic has absolutely nothing to do with Reiki! Initiation, or attunement, in this case, simply means the beginning of something. The beginning of something wonderful! All of this is accomplished in a quiet environment, in a serene and relaxed atmosphere sitting in comfort and inner peace.

The traditional practice of initiations always constitutes the necessary base of Mikao Usui’s Reiki method. Those who perform energy treatments without having received them is actually only using personal energy. Nobody in the world actually knows what happens precisely during a Reiki initiation: what is certain is the result, that is to say the fact of being, from that moment, an active channel for Life Energy. Intuitively, one may feel that the Reiki initiation harmonizes our personal energy (2nd chakra) with cosmic energy (via the 7th chakra) at the heart-plane level (4th chakra). Through harmonization (attunements), the Reiki channels, invisible but quite real energy conduits, are reactivated and connected to energy centres (chakras). These channels allow our unity of body, emotion, mind and spirit to have a constant supply of energy and a conscious approach to the "energy body".


First Reiki Level according to the Mikao Usui Method of Natural Healing. First degree.


From that moment, and forever, Universal Life Energy flows through the Reiki practitioner, free and unlimited: it brings solace, healing and protection to ourselves and to others, helping to rediscover and feel a world made of beauty, harmony and openness to love. It confers a better ability to open the doors of perception. It gives the clear feeling of having an unlimited supply of energy available, and being able to give it to whoever needs it; along with this, it gives the certainty of having more energy for ourselves the more we give to others, favouring wellness and harmony.

First Reiki Level according to the Mikao Usui Method of Natural Healing. First degree.

The energy we give – or rather we act as a humble conduit for – has been defined as "intelligent" simply because it flows according to the needs of its user and acts right where it’s needed. A Reiki practitioner is a healer, with more potential than an energy healer, but should always seek balance and sobriety, and grow in the virtues of humility and responsibility, and act with love.

One may elect to "stop" at the First Level of Reiki, considering such experience sufficient. On the other hand, one can freely decide do follow along the path of Usui’s method experiencing the Second Level of Reiki. I personally recommend experiencing the First Level for at least three months before taking such a powerful leap of energy like the Second Level.



What happens after receiving the First Reiki Level?

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