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Reiki is known in all the world for being a “natural healing method”, but while its results in this particular field are quite remarkable, its fundamental effect is on awareness and drive towards self-evolution. As early as during harmonization, the transformation takes place: Reiki begins its powerful work on all planes of being. They are:

  • the corporeal plane (gross matter level)
  • the emotional plane (psychic level or astral plane)
  • the mental plane (noetic level)
  • the Spiritual planes

Reiki regularises and strengthens the exchange of energy in all areas of your oneness as body, emotions, mind and spirit.



On the corporeal plane, Reiki triggers and favours general detoxication processes which lead to a progressive elimination of toxins; helps repairing damages due to atmospheric and acoustic pollution and poor nutrition; contributes in strengthening the immune system; helps soothing both acute and chronic pain; stimulates tissue regeneration and contributes in reactivating the function of all organs by harmonizing the circulatory, lymphatic, endocrine, digestive and urinary systems; helps in balancing the nervous system and neurovegetative system thus contributing in achieving a pleasant state of relaxation and muscle distension.



On the emotional plane, Reiki, achieving energy balance actively opposes those discomforts which people suffer every day: Reiki also helps, in a natural way, to recognize and face old traumas, conflicts, inadequacy and guilt feelings.


The Reiki experience and the energy effects pruduced by Reiki attunements-harmonisation



On the mental plane, Reiki restores freshness and clearness; helps in eliminating obsessive thoughts and in facing minor compulsions; stimulates concentration during activities, and relaxation when resting.



The Reiki experience and the energy effects pruduced by Reiki attunements-harmonisation

On the spiritual plane, Reiki helps indirectly through feeling, that is to say by awakening and strengthening insight and abilities tied to psychic sensitivity.

Reiki helps in drawing apart the veil of Maya (the illusion which covers the true appearance of things) lying between us and reality around us, in feeling everything in the wider perspective of cosmic balance; therefore, if we feel overshadowed by impending doom or we find some illness or sign from our body that was only latent before, the point of view of Reiki can help us in understanding we are just going through a time of transformation, an individual process of metamorphosis and inner growth, which we shouldn’t oppose.




Chance does not exist. Everything happens within a cosmic logic. Reiki helps each and every one in receiving the infinity of messages that the outer world continuously sends and that normally escape our usual, conditioned, absent-minded and lazy awareness. Latent symptoms, kept as such until that point at the expense of much of our energy, will then eventually emerge, only to be healed faster; Reiki, in fact, sensibly accelerates all healing processes.

This "purification", which is mainly evident on the corporeal level, is simply a reflection of much vaster purification processes which affect the whole being of the individual. Our personal energy (Ki), which we are more keenly aware of, flows side by side with cosmic energy. The frequency of our energy vibration rises, and therefore consciousness changes on all levels: through the heart plane, our unity of body, emotion, mind and spirit opens up to a better "comprehension" of cosmic laws.


The Reiki experience and the energy effects pruduced by Reiki attunements-harmonisation


Acting on the heart plane, Reiki invites and urges us to shift our centre from the 3rd chakra (Ego, will to power) to the 4th chakra (unconditioned love), to transform our egotism, our personal importance, our pride into searching for the global Self, the One-Everything, our will to power in power to will, intention and realization.

The divine presence "I AM" is more easily recognized in us. From the moment we receive the First level attunement (harmonization), Reiki flows through us forever!



Reiki Transformation Vibration

Reiki Levels







The Reiki experience and the energy effects pruduced by Reiki attunements-harmonisation. Centro Olistico Tolteca - Reiki Info: to contact the Reiki Teacher Dario Canil, please in italian!


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