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Butterfly Animation. Reiki experience - Reiki Transformation Vibration, taking responsability over your life. Elevation of your vibration frequency

What the caterpillar calls "end of the world",
the master calls a "butterfly".

Oriental saying




Growth is never easy, and each of us has their rhythm, but the actual evolutionary path of a person cannot disregard a minimum degree of knowledge of the means they want to employ and, most of all, a conscious and responsible acceptance of them. Reiki is not a game, nor a self-experiment you can make lightly, nor a universal panache to escape the perils of everyday life.

Reiki is an extraordinary and wonderful way to grow as a person.

But does a person really want to grow?

Often, we believe we want to grow up and, at the same time, we subconsciously oppose with all our might to any attempt at change. Strong fears we are often unaware of compel us to express ourselves in untrue ways. Therefore, we manifest a number of false Selves. A person who hides behind a false Self substitute his authentic life with an «as if» life. They create, as we all do, their own balance, but that balance too is an “as if” balance. In the life of an individual – a person, from the Latin persona, which means «mask» – two different ways of facing experience can be summarily described which, while being opposed to each other, often intersect.



To be or not to be? Reiki experience - Reiki Transformation Vibration, taking responsability over your life. Elevation of your vibration frequency.

In an extremely summarized way, this pair of opposites may be described as follows: the authentic mode and the “as if” mode. The "as if" mode is expressed in a way not unlike dreams, imaginary life, illusion. The "as if" wears the veil of Maya with elegance and grace. The "as if" is the realm of the constrained Self, the watcher-Self, the Self who remains outside experience. "The “as if” identifies itself only as "as if", as illusion itself: it is self-deception and self-indulgence. Therefore, its fullest expression is the negation of being "as if". The authentic mode, on the other hand, manifests itself as total identification with authentic life experience (being here and now), which, paradoxically, leads to an extreme "risk": the loss of one’s Self inside experience.

This is one step beyond the art of playing in games with ourselves, it’s putting ourselves at stake, accepting change, recognizing the pain we usually hide... Only a strong and mature Self, harmonized and centred on the heart plane may wish taking such a risk, because it lives with the need of authentic manifestations, and is not kept at bay by fear – potentially a driving force, but most often a strong inhibiting factor – of dissolving into experience and not existing in the world anymore. Only a very spiritually evolved Self, one who has WORKED MUCH ON ITSELF and experiences authentic Self-acceptance can face the fear that would otherwise force him or her to take refuge behind the battlements of the "as if", in the realm of virtuality.

Presence, being-in-the-world (for primitive people) or identity (for contemporary people) have an enormous value for the Self, who will not forfeit it. Therefore, a presence or identity crisis are the dark face of the coin: panic. One may easily think that every being will grip at a certain, stable and durable identity with all its might, thus needing a certain, stable and durable balance between its different parts to do so.



After all, everybody spent all of their lives to become what they are, starting from a multitude of role models and finally becoming special, original, unique. This is our masterpiece, what we are most fond of: our “False Personality", our "Mirror of Self Reflection", our "Character".

Some form of balance, even if it’s not authentic or is due to a thousand defence mechanisms and compromises, is fundamental for a person’s survival. Only through some degree of balance we may face the countless requests of everyday life, which “force” us to remain true to ourselves, no matter how contents continue to change. Therefore, any attack to our personal balance will be avoided, or faced, with all our might.

If this defence mechanism protected the real, authentic balance of a person, we might certainly say that it is quite valuable for personal evolution. Mostly, though, it binds us to our Character, to rigidity, to immobility.



What can happen when a person whose defence mechanisms protect very rigidly a non-authentic balance, an "as if" balance – a person headed more towards crystallisation than towards evolution, is initiated to Reiki?

A conflict may ensue: on one hand the non-authentic balance (where such non-authenticity is not consciously perceived) tries to keep itself up, on the other hand Reiki is an incessant drive towards a more authentic balance. This force leads to an accelerated ethical and spiritual growth, to the manifestation of one’s true essence.

The individualization process drives everyone to make their innate human nature real, as long as they are aware of it. The Ego plays a prominent role in making the whole of our psyche, our Self, real. But that is surely a slow and difficult conquest.



In fact, the unlimited flow of information coming from the environment as sensorial perception since the day we are born is interpreted (by our Ego) through socially accepted modes and constitutes an extensive inventory which allows us to move through the world with rationality and consistency.

Mandala Reiki experience - Reiki Transformation Vibration, taking responsability over your life. Elevation of your vibration frequency.

Our own sense of identity is an integral part of such inventory, of the unique depiction of the world we built for ourselves.Nevertheless, our depiction of the world, compared with the universe, is extremely limited, no matter how comprehensive it may rationally seem. All of our perceptions which are free from rational thought always alert us, always make us feel that much of ourselves is still "out there", yet to be discovered. Human psyche, while being naturally rigid, has within itself the potential to grow, to realize its evolutionary potential. Making this happen, though, is all but easy. Quite often, the Ego is unable to recognize and accept the messages coming from our subconscious and from the outside world. Also, the Ego is often unwilling to put itself at stake and accept within itself those parts we utterly reject. We are a whole.

Getting in touch with our inner Self is a precious and sought-after achievement, because we know by intuition that we would express ourselves as a whole when we'd reach it. Burt reaching our complete Self means following long and taxing paths where we may be so frightened by meeting our darkest sides at every step that we’d want to yield, and desist. Persisting in our will to grow can actually take us to a frantic confrontation with our own fears. In any case, growing implies working deeply on ourselves.



Reiki and working on yourself

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