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Indipendent Reiki Master Teacher in Rome


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Adriana Sampaio Acevedo - REIKI MASTER/TEACHER

indipendent reiki practitioner in rome


Adriana Sampaio Acevedo, Reiki Master a Roma

Adriana Acevedo Sampaio was born in Porto Alegre (Brazil) and currently lives in Rome - Italy. Humanistic Studies in Law. Coming from from this country rich in many cultures and religious rites, she was raised with an open mind to every sort of knowledge of her family held a blessing and a source of enrichment to enhance inner wisdom. Sin she was involved as a child by her grandmother, note practitioner of channeling, spiritual growth, homeopathy, lecturer, and introduced into the esoteric universe. She practices actively esoteric studies, energy, meditation and uses upon herself the various techniques learned along the right path looking for a possible scientific protocol on which to demonstrate the efficacy found that experiencing it.


Adriana Acevedo collaborates with physicians and other health professionals to study further and make energy and spiritual experiences. She can be defined as a researcher, a person who will never abandon the desire to grow, to confront, to understand this wonderful experience that is live and understand why we are here and which are the ways to make this the best experience possible from every point of view; thus she followed the studies in the realm of alternative medicine not forgetting the ufficial one, to make her viewing experience really holistic.

She’s channeling practitioner as a child and attended the Centro Espirita of Brasilia for the development of this talent and then finished in Italy with the medium Mrs. Marie Taylor Jones, teacher at the University of Mediumship in London. In 2004 she became a Reiki Master under the Usui Method at the Free Reiki School® founded by Dario Canil and Karuna ™ Reiki Master in accordance with the International Center for Reiki Training founded by William Lee Rand. She also trained at the same Reiki School the Original Usui Reiki Techniques (Usui Ryoho) made known in the West by Reiki Master Frank Arjava Petter, discoverer of the manual and the grave of Mikao Usui.

Adriana Acevedo could learn from William Buhlman the ability to explore outside the body (OBE) and has attended various seminars of the great mother of Rebirthing Sondra Ray for spiritual growth. She acquired the ability to practice Merkaba meditation as taught by Drunvalo Melchizedek, with Rodolfo Citro, naturopathy practitioner and “Facilitator” of the method The Flower of Life.

In 2010 she obtained a Master in Applied Kinesiology attending the Milan Academy of Kinesiology with Dr. Vellan Diego and continues to deepen with Cyberkinetics Kinesiology Advanced Course. Also in 2010 she ended her training in Reconnective Healing ® and The Reconnection ® becoming Practitioner healing in the method founded by Dr. Eric Pearl. In april 2015 she becomes Hypnotherapist in the Gustav Birth School (Switzerland).

Listening, loving and active presence are the requirements that she considers essential for a correct therapeutic approach and use of knowledge as well as better training and seminars and through the transmission of growth that she actively practices. She can be defined as a researcher, a person who will never abandon the desire to grow, to confront, to understand this wonderful experience that is live and understand why we are here and where we go after. She consider life through the eyes of love and see in this the whole reason for her existence.

She loves the human being in its imperfection sure that one day everyone will reach the "TEOSI" or the path back to the source, the absolute, God or any other name the individuals wish to call It. Liberty to be and exist!



Love is My form
Truth is My breath
Bliss is My food.
My Life is My Message
Expansion is My Life.
No season for Love, no reason for Love
No Birth no Death.
Prema, Sathya, Ananda, Dharma, Shanthi, Ahimsa.
Shirdi Sai, Sathya Sai, Prema Sai Jai Jai
Shirdi Baba, Parthi Baba, Prema Baba Jai Jai…


She is available for treatments, teaching classes in the different Reiki Degrees by appointment by phone or email. She implemented weekly meetings to exchange and spiritual growth for those who are interested in continuing in this area. Reiki workshops: for the first who books will be given priority on dates published and the others will be put on the dates you will disclosed later.

You must send your data via email or SMS confirming the chosen date and level as well as name and contact number. The required deposit is not returned for cancellations later than one week before the seminar date. If possible bring a blanket, socks to stay without shoes and feel comfortable clothing such as coveralls. Those who do not wish to move can bring their own sandwich / lunch with them and use the kitchen in the center. The beginning time will always be at 9:30 so better you arrive at 9:20. The seminar end time will be approximatively at 18:00, but not make further commitments to avoid anxiety during a period which should be of joy and relaxation. Adriana Acevedo is available for clarification after class time.


A lot of hugs full of love, light and power!

Adriana Acevedo


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Adriana Acevedo





Elenco Operatori Reiki Indipendenti: Adriana Sampaio Acevedo di Ponticelli (Rieti): Reiki a Roma



IMPORTANTE AVVERTENZA. La Scuola Free Reiki di Padova e il sito REIKI INFO presentano in questa pagina un operatore energetico indipendente, al quale è stato trasmesso la corretta modalità di trattamento Reiki che NON prevede diagnosi mediche o psicologiche, NON prevede la somministrazione di farmaci, creme, unguenti o qualunque altro medicamento, NON prevede che la persona sottoposta a trattamento venga spogliata o costretta ad alcunché. Chi riceve una seduta di Reiki da Adriana Sampaio Acevedo viene informato che il metodo Reiki consiste in una delicata imposizione delle mani o in un trattamento eseguito a distanza che non si configura mai come massaggio né prevede il contatto con parti intime. Reiki è una via di libertà e di individuazione ’insegna della sobrietà e del rispetto di ogni essere umano.

Adriana Sampaio Acevedo dichiara di agire nella massima indipendenza dalla Scuola Free Reiki® e dal Centro Olistico Tolteca e di esonerare Dario Canil da ogni tipo di responsabilità circa il proprio operato.



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